Asistencia técnica

Technical support

We offer a complete technical assistance.

  • Operating sistems installation: Windows. Linux y Mac.
  • Virus and malware clean up and antivirus software installation.
  • Peripheral equipment installation and programming, remotely or on-site.
  • Components and spare parts substitution and extension.
  • We repair your laptop, desktop and specific educational centre's equipment.
  • Mesas interactivas donde los alumnos pueden dibujar e interacturar con sus dedos en la superficie, donde juego y aprendizaje se unen en el desarrollo de actividades colaborativas.
  • Data recovering from your damaged hard disk drives.
  • Data backup from your computers and servers.
Mantenimiento Informático

Computing maintenance

We offer a complete a complete computing support service. We fix any kind of computing issue for companies giving a professional and high quality service.

Monthly plans and fares per hour are available for your computing maintenance. All of them made at your convenience according to your requirements. You will get the best fares fitting your company’s budget.

Monitoraje Blanco

Monitoring Software

We manage your IT infrastructure.

We install and configure monitoring software for your complete network, servers, apps and virtual environments.

Configuración de redes

Network set up

Design and configuration of wired and wireless networks.

  • Assemby and installation of computing network racks.
  • Electric infrastructure and structured wiring works in classrooms.
  • Network segmentation.
  • Local network configuration.

We improve your connectivity!



Telecommunication and network management.

Your connectivity is slow? Do you need web sites to be forbidden or segment a logical network in your educational centre?
We install and configure your server to your requirements.

Cloud service.

Share your files cloud allocated easily from all over the world.

Hosting y domínios

Hosting and domains

We are official distributors of domains and hostings. We advise you about hiring, management and administration.

Detección presencial

Attendance record

Our Access Control system allows the schedule management of any group. It also provides statistical data of employees attendance and an image capture when signing in.

You can choose between different options: attendance record, access granted trough fingerprint validation, RF cards…

Programación Web

Web design
and customized programming

We build your web project end to end!

  • Contents' formulation.
  • Design.
  • Programming on HTLM5, CSS3 y Javascript.
  • SEO.
  • Marketing and digital strategy.
  • e-commerce.

All projects are made fitting your requirements!

Partners and associates
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